Five Tips When Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

When furnishing an outdoor area, you must choose durable furniture that will stand up to exposure to the weather elements that occur here in Australia throughout the year. if you fail to do so, you will need to purchase new furniture every year if not more often. Rattan garden furniture is the ideal type of furniture to select for your alfresco, patio, garden or verandah area of your property. This furniture is also ideal for your indoor rooms. To help you buy only quality pieces of this type of furniture, we offer you the following five tips.

Select the Style That Best Complements Your House

You need to understand that rattan is the material in the garden furniture and not the style of it. The fact is that this type of furniture comes in a variety of styles from modern to vintage-inspired. Choose the style that complements your house in the ideal fashion for a sense of continuity from the indoors to the outdoors.

Natural or Synthetic Rattan?

As you shop for rattan garden furniture, you will learn that there are both natural and synthetic rattan versions of it. If you choose the natural version, you need to realise that it cannot be left out in the elements 24/7. It absorbs moisture, it can dry out in the heat and it also can fade in the sun. You must bring it in when it is not in use, cover it or treat it with a weatherproofing solution if it does not already come that way. On the other hand, synthetic rattan furniture is made to withstand the outdoor elements in a durable fashion, even when you leave it outside for long periods of time since it is made with HDPE synthetic fibres that also contain UV inhibitors.

Consider the Comfort Level of the Furniture

Another important consideration in the selection of rattan garden furniture is its comfort level. Are the cushions soft enough to sit on for a lengthy time or are they thin and too firm? On top of this, the cushions must be weatherproof to endure the elements and also should be resistant to staining, mould and mildew. You should be able to clean the furniture easily to maintain it.

Ensure That the Rattan Garden Furniture Is Well-Built and Durable

Along with the rattan garden furniture being able to withstand the weather elements, you should be certain that it is well-built to withstand normal use. It needs to be able to endure people relaxing on it without it cracking or breaking.

Does the Price Fit Your Budget?

Shop for this furniture as you would other purchases. That means to make sure that the price of it fits your budgetary constraints.

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