Benefits and Qualities of Rattan Furniture

Traditionally, rattan furniture is made from weaving flexible wooden canes together in various configurations to create chairs, lounges, sofas, tables and other pieces. The results are lightweight pieces that are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. Rattan is a broad term to describe about 600 species of native climbing palms from various parts of the world, including Australia. It’s the flexibility of the stems that makes this material popular for woven furniture. We provide you with further benefits and qualities of rattan, woven furniture is the following facts.

1. The vines used for rattan are sustainable since they are from native plants. This is an important advantage today since more people are aware of conserving natural resources.

2. Rattan chairs, sofas and other pieces of furniture are strong and durable with the vines woven together in their various patterns. For this reason, your rattan pieces will last for years.

3. Rattan furniture is typically painted or stained to help it repel moisture effectively and keep it safe from issues. You can choose whatever colour complements your other décor in the ideal manner.

4. When your space is limited, rattan pieces provide comfortable seating without hogging all of the floor space. It does so since it is not bulky and heavy in design.

5. Rattan, woven furniture is highly flexible for design purposes. You can use it in every area of your house from the family room to the verandah or alfresco area. Just use the appropriate style, pattern and colour of cushions on it when applicable. In addition, since the rattan pieces are lightweight, they are easy to move a rearrange anytime that you desire a different grouping.

6. Another benefit of rattan furniture is the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain. Just wash off the pieces with warm water and a mild detergent when necessary and be certain to dry them thoroughly.

7. As style trends change over the years, rattan pieces are easy to update with a new coat of paint or stain and different cushions.

8. Today, rattan pieces also are available in a new synthetic version to expand upon their versatility. The synthetic fibres in this version simulate the look of the natural rattan that we spoke of earlier.

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